Our Story


"I was stuck.

Both personally and professionally. I also wasn't sure why.  For years I had worked countless hours, using my seemingly endless ambition and work ethic to accomplish exactly what I set out to do.

It was 2016 and after a hard fought two years my business had finally made it. $100K/month in recurring revenue, 20 employees, a great team and office. We were growing and to the outside world life was good.

It was. Sort of.

I was lost. As entrepreneurs we are constantly chasing our own definition of success. Once we achieve it we're left wondering 'what do I do next? What did I do it for in the first place? Why am I here?'

I was content though, or at least I thought I was. I remember thinking to myself that this is how I'm supposed to feel. Unfulfilled, confused and unsure of myself.

That is until I spent my first week away from my business.

It was a week on my sister-in-law's very rural farm in upstate South Carolina. I was honestly a little upset I had to leave my business for a week. I assumed it would be filled with mind-numbing boredom in between helping her and my brother-in-law with a move to a new house.

Instead, my week there turned into the best thing I've ever done for myself.

I was forced to live quietly. I had time to actually listen to my own thoughts, not my Slack pings, Gmail inbox or Twitter notifications.

I spent my time there walking around their farm, spending time outdoors, reconnecting with the innermost parts of myself which had been drown out by all the noise of the daily hustle.

I didn't want to leave.

I even tried to convince my wife to drop everything and move there. Wasn't happening. The next best thing was to schedule regular excursions outside of the daily grind.

So we did. Over the next year we went to 7 countries, traveling off the beaten path as much as possible. Mexico, Greece, Belize, & Honduras just to name a few.

Then I started thinking 'everyone should do this'. So I set out to build Excursionly.

My goal with this venture is to help people reconnect with themselves. Reconnect with the person they truly are, not the person they're forced to be each day as the man or woman with the world on their shoulders. Refocus on the reasons why they do what they do. Reboot from the struggles that come with an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Refuel from the drain that naturally comes from the lives we lead.

Excursionly is my way of helping you lead more fulfilling, productive and rewarding lives."


- Jake Hare, Founder of Excursionly